The sequel to the infamous song! Invasion returns, more powerful than ever before! POWER MIX: more than just a Remix.

AdamZ strikes back! A cool new Techno song with an orchestral twist! Orchestra and Synth never sounded better!

Power Thunderstorm returns in all its remastered glory! Powerful beats, awesome sound, an explosion of energy and power!

Electric Guitar and Synth seamlessly mixed in an awesome beat! What happens when Techno meets Guitar? Find it out!

A musical adventure in the search of love! Enjoy some Disco music at its finest! Powerful beats, divine synths!

Returned home after a great summer, here's a new epic song! Classic AdamZ style mixed with cool Techno/Dance/Disco beats!

A timeless expedition through the depths of the universe! Reach the edge of unknown, obtain the ultimate power!

AdamZ is back! Techno, disco, videogame, all mixed together! Powerful beat, awesome sound, an explosion of energy and power!

An unknown travel through the infinity of space-time! Cross the boundaries of space and time, reach the edge of reality!

A new Epic Techno/Dance song! Powerful beat, Energetic melody, Explosive sound, all mixed together in my best song so far!

This is my second song, and my first attempt at making something Techno-sounding. Don't expect too much ;)

Orchestra and Techno mix together into an adrenalinic explosion of speed! Run through time and space, new adventures await!

A new cool Techno/Dance song by AdamZ! I decided to try out some new instruments and this is what came out!

Powerful beat, catchy melodies, energetic feel, all together into an explosion of pure sound awesomeness!