Awesome synths, epic sounds, an explosion of Electronic gloriousness! a musical journey through infinite dimensions.

Another Videogame-like song by AdamZ! Enjoy some nice tunes! It's the beginning of a new adventure!

Pixelworld Heroes comes back in an all-new glorious remastered version! Bouncy and happy tunes all mixed together!

An epic videogame-like tune, mixed with some techno beats! Enjoy a great adventure in the videogame universe!

Timeless Adventurers returns! Prepare yourself for some sparkly sound madness! Bouncy tunes, awesome melodies!

AdamZ is back with another videogame-like song! An upbeat and relaxing song, the end of a hero's journey!

A legendary adventure begins! Old-school meets orchestra and techno and give birth to a new unique genre!

Videogame music mixed with techno and dance, an explosion of epicness! Enjoy powerful old-school awesomeness!

My first song ever! An old-style Videogame Chiptune! There's not much to expect, but I hope you enjoy anyways!

A new song by AdamZ! After a short period of break, music is back with an all new explosion of videogame sound madness!

My third song! Enjoy a nice Videogame tune and relax to the synth notes jumping all around you!

A catchy Videogame-like Song! Bouncy and happy tunes all mixed together in a classic AdamZ style melody!

A new cool happy Videogame song! Upbeat and funky, catchy and nice! Enjoy some pure 2D adventure game fun!

Orchestra and Videogame meet and create a new dimension of sound! Catchy, relaxing, happy and powerful at the same time!